Under Humanities we are providing 3 years Graduate Degree Programme B.A. and 2 years Post Graduate Degree Programme M.A.(English)

Programme outcomes

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.):
The Students after doing BA are expected to go for admission to various Post graduate programmes like M.A. in various disciplines, post graduate diplomas like P.G.D.C.A., to compete in various competitive exams like HPAS, IAS, IPS, IRS etc. The students can do B.Ed. for getting job as TGT (Arts)
M.A. (English):

The students may go for research degrees of M.Phil. and Ph. D.

Programme Specific outcomes

1. Students develop an understanding of Concepts, theoretical frameworks, perspectives and methods of inquiry.
2. Students are trained to think rationally and critically.
3. Students learn to appreciate diversity and develop cultural sensitivity.
4. Recognition of self as an individual with strengths and weaknesses.
5. Students imbibe human values and become responsible citizens.
6. Eligible candidates for admissions to post-graduate programs/Research/further studies.

Course Outcomes

Course outcomes are unique knowledge and skills expected to be gained from a given course. For course wise course-outcomes read more…