In COVID-19 pandemic, digital teaching and learning practices have increased exponentially. During these tough times, the various digital learning platforms are bridging the gap between teacher and learner.

Maharana Pratap Govt. Degree College Amb, where most of the students are from rural background and have less awareness of digital learning environment, to teach and train such students by certified professionals on these cutting edge technologies will be a helping hand for each individual. These technologies were not in general practice before COVID-19 pandemic, so to train the faculty members on these technologies is of paramount importance.

IQAC team of Maharana Pratap Govt. Degree College, Amb takes this initiative to train students and faculty members of this college and all nearby colleges of the area by means of this Faculty Development Programme (FDP).


  • FDP will focus on Digital Teaching Learning environment. The key highlights for Faculty Development Programme are the following:
  • Google Meet for better teaching and Learning environment.
  • Google Classroom for apt teaching and Learning environment.
  • CISCO WebEx Meet environment for teaching (Faculty-End) and Learning (Student-End) environment.
  • CISCO WebEx Analytics for evaluation and Controls.
  • Microsoft Teams for proper teaching (Faculty-End) and apt Learning (Student-End) environment.
  • Live Question-Answer session on each platform.


  • ​Faculty Development Programme has been designed to achieve the following objectives:
  • FDP aims to provide research stimulus to keen learners comprising--Students, Scholars, Academicians and Practitioners.
  • To understand the installation, use and applications of various online teaching learning environments.
  • To have hands-on experience and practice of using Google Meet, Google Classroom, CISCO WebEx Meet and Microsoft Teams for teaching and Learning .
  • To resolve various issues faced by faculty and students on these platforms in their present teaching and learning practice by corporate professionals.
  • To eradicate the hesitation of each individual by exposing these technologies to them, in an easy and effective manner.
  • Make the teaching and learning process easy and feasible for each individual in this pandemic period.