To inculcate the feeling of dignity of labour and selfless service amongst students, two NSS units are enthusiastically functioning in the college under the supervision of Dr.Suruchi Sharma & Prof.Shyam Kalia. Various activities were arranged in the college
1. On 20th July, 2018 Tree Plantation drive was organized in the college under the supervision of Smt.Alka Sharma,Principal of the college, students planted saplings of different varieties.
2 .NSS Pakhwara was celebrated in the college w.e.f. 1st August, 2018 to 15th August, 2018.
3. On 27th August, 2018 a rally on “Drug Abuse” was organized under the supervision of SDM Amb, Sh.Sunil Verma.
4. On 10th September NSS volunteers learnt the use of Fire Exitinguishers in a workshop on “Disaster Management”.
5. Swachta Hi Seva activities were organized w.e.f. (12th September, to 24th September, 2018)
6. On 29th September 2018 Surgical Strike day was celebrated, where in students made cards and wrote letters to soldiers.
7. On 1st November 2018 “Albendazole” was administered to students of the college.
Nss seven days camp was organized w.e.f. 20th December, 2018 to 26th December, 2018. Last day of the camp gained significance as volunteers actively distributed eatables, stationary materials and clothes to the slum-dwellers, who gleefully accepted these from them. All activities were done under the supervision of Smt. Alka Sharma,Principal of the institution.